Person-Centered Employment

Plymouth Place’s reputation has been earned through our commitment to Person-Centered Care. Person-Centered Care is an approach that celebrates personhood and enhances, recognizes, promotes and encourages resident and staff choice, capability and creativity toward the goal of well-being. This philosophy guides us in everything we do.

We know that each staff member brings his or her unique characteristics and talent to work every day. While excellence in performance on the job is the expected "norm" for our employees at Plymouth Place, they are afforded opportunities to bring their individualism to the workplace, a concept we think of as Person-Centered Employment.


Here’s an example:

John, one of our maintenance men, expressed an interest in learning about tending the rose garden outside the dining room window. Long cherished and cared for by a resident who could no longer physically tend the garden, its glory had faded. Upon learning of John’s interest and seeing an opportunity to honor the resident’s personhood, John was introduced to Mr. G., the resident whose eyesight and physical limitations no longer permitted his once meticulous gardening. The two struck up a relationship, and the garden flourished.

Last spring, John and Mr. G. entered two roses in the local rose show, and came away with a ribbon. Never mind that Mr. G. couldn’t see the roses, as he instructed John on the selection of the perfect rose!

As Mr. G. and his wife of 60 years enjoyed dinner that evening, the rose and its ribbon between them on the dinner table, Mr. G. was overheard by staff to say, "Wasn’t it a nice thing for that young man to win a ribbon the first year out?" John still remembers, with pride, how good it felt when Mr. G. thanked him, saying “I never thought I’d get to a rose show again…much less come home with a prize."

More flourishes at Plymouth Place than the rose garden. Bring your unique talents and interests to your job. Review our current openings, and get ready to take home more than a paycheck.

Plymouth Place ensures a drug-free workplace. EOE m/f/d/v

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